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"Query string" is a predefined property. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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Abelia +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abelia]]
Abelia x grandiflora +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abelia x grandiflora]]
Abelmoschus +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abelmoschus]]
Abies +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abies]]
Abies koreana +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abies koreana]]
Abies procera +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abies procera]]
Abronia +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abronia]]
Abutilon +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Abutilon]]
Acacia +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acacia]]
Acaena +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acaena]]
Acalypha +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acalypha]]
Acer +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acer]]
Acer cappadocicum +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acer cappadocicum]]
Acer davidii +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acer davidii]]
Acer palmatum +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Acer palmatum]]
Achillea +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Achillea]]
Achillea cultivars +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Achillea cultivars]]
Aconitum +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Aconitum]]
Actaea simplex +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Actaea simplex]]
Agapanthus praecox +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Agapanthus praecox]]
Agastache cultivars +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Agastache cultivars]]
Agastache mexicana +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Agastache mexicana]]
Ageratum cultivars +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Ageratum cultivars]]
Ageratum houstonianum +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Ageratum houstonianum]]
Ajuga +
[[File:+]] [[Category:Ajuga]]
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