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A Signature puts a link to the respective user page. To distinguish it from other links, it is marked with two hyphens at the beginning.


The signature is mainly used to attribute posts on discussion pages to the various users. That way discussion are easier to follow. Signatures in articles are not expedient since they usually have a score of authors. If you want to check who changed what in an article and when, use "history".

  • Note: When you are logged in your user name will appear, otherwise the IP address will appear. You can define a nickname for you signature in your preferences.


  • You don't have to type the whole link --[[User:user name]] but can just type two hyphens and four tildes instead: --~~~~. When saving the page this will automatically create a signature.
  • The easiest way to do this is to click on Signatur in the edit window toolbar which will insert your signature.
  • Of course you can insert the symbols by typing them on your keyboard, the combinations for a tilde are:

Shift+# ~ on a UK standard keyboard, Shift+` ~ on a US standard keyboard and Alt+ N on a Mac .